Registration Fee

Participants are entitled to two full-day program, a dinner banquet, two-day’s lunch and refreshment. Scientific program and other social programs are under planning and will be announced on the website when ready.

Early Bird Registration and pay before August 31, 2023

USD 400

On-Line Registration and pay on/after September 1, 2023

USD 450

Onsite Registration

USD 500

Accompany person program options

  1. Gala Dinner (Nov. 24, 2023 at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center), USD 80/per person
  2. One-day City Tour, USD 80/per tour/per person
    Tour A: Kaohsiung Great Harbor Day Tour
    Tour B: Ultimate Kaohsiung Day Tour
    Tour C: Cultural and Historical Tainan Tour

    (For more information about city tours, please click the tour options. Tour website will be opened on Dec. 20)


註冊費 : 新台幣 6000 元/每人,費用含年會兩日議程、24 日大會晚宴和會議期間午餐和茶點。 以上費用不含來回主辦城市地點的交通費和會議期間住宿費。

隨行人員有意參加 11 月 24 日大會晚宴,費用為新台幣 2400 元/人

國內與會者或隨行人員欲參加大會旅遊者,費用為每一行程新台幣 2400 元/人。

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